Separate Ways chapter 5 (Finn Harries)

So this is the final chapter of my short little fan fic. I’m going to school soon so this might be the last until December unfortunately. But I’ll go back to doing some one shots :D

Leeds (Katerina’s Room) 08:40

“Sometimes you have to let go of what you like to go for what you love, that’s why I’m here” said Finn as he gave Katerina the biggest smile of his life. Katerina liked that Finn had made up his mind, but she still wanted to speak to Emily herself. No one wants to be ‘the other woman’ after all. Finn took a sip of tea, Earl Grey, his favourite.  “You look like something’s bothering you” he said to Katerina. “I can’t stop thinking about Emily you know. Maybe it’s kind of unfair that we kissed before the two of you broke up” replied Katerina. Finn looked at her slightly confused. “Yeah… maybe it is kind of unfair. Sometimes I wish that I hadn’t met you that night at the park. I might just have still been in a happy relationship with Em.” Katerina gazed at Finn for a second, trying to take in what he had just said. “Are you trying to say that I’m just one big mistake?” she questioned.

Bristol University 10:04

“I don’t know, maybe you two need to practice it some more. I’m not feeling any emotion coming from your characters” commented Mrs Portland.  Jack and Naomi awkwardly looked at each other. Everything had been really weird since that night on the roof top.  “We promise it’ll be  better by the end of the week” Naomi reassured her. Jack nodded to show that he agreed with what Naomi was saying. “It’s strange, I really thought you two would play the roles perfectly. You remind me of the characters quite a bit” replied Mrs Portland. “Jack got a bit distracted that’s all” muttered Naomi. She was slightly mad at him for leaving her on top of the roof top that night. Slightly mad, but mostly embarrassed in fact. Jack looked at Naomi, analyzing every word that came out of her mouth. It was like she was a different person. She wasn’t just that old friend from high school anymore. He realised that it must have really hurt her feelings to suddenly leave her that night on the roof top for Liv.

London (Emily’s Kitchen) 10:30

“If you had one wish what would it be?” questioned Alfie as he took a bite out of a juicy red apple. Emily took a sip of her glass of water and took a moment to think about his question. “I’d wish for more wishes of course” she Joked. Alfie let out a small laugh before questioning her again. “Come on, can I have a proper answer?” Emily looked down at the floor, trying to come up with a good reply. “I’d wish for Finn to have met Katerina before me” Emily replied. Alfie looked at her with a ‘well that’s a lame wish’ look. “Why would you waste your wish on something for Finn?” Alfie questioned. He fixed her shirt collar in the process. “Technically it’s a wish for both Finn and I because if he met Katerina first I’d have been with you first. That way we’d all be happy and there would be no confusion.” Alfie liked Emily’s answer. He kissed her on the cheek and got up to make some tea.

London (Liv’s Lounge) 11:15

Liv had been lazing around on the couch all day. She was busy contemplating whether going back to Bristol for Jack would be a good or bad idea. At the end of the day Jack was all she ever really thought about. Although she loves Jack she can’t pretend that she hasn’t thought about how much easier it would be to let him go. Maybe he could try things out with Naomi. Liv didn’t know what to do. She began to pace up and down her living room. After ruffling her fingers through her hair and twiddling her thumbs for a good hour she came to the conclusion that she wouldn’t go to Bristol. She didn’t want to get hurt again.

Two days later…

Corner House Cafe (Leeds) 15:20

Finn had an outside seat at his favourite cafe. “One coffee please” said Finn as he whipped out a cigarette to light up. The waiter noted down his request and went to fetch the coffee. “Since when did my twin brother smoke?” said Jack as he took a seat opposite his brother. “What are you doing here?” questioned Finn. He was shocked to see his brother but incredibly happy too. “Well I guess ever since we went our separate ways all I’ve done is mess up” replied Jack. Finn nodded in agreement as he took a drag of his cigarette. Jack knew that he was seated with his twin brother, but it didn’t feel like it. He was so different. It was like he was depressed or something. Finn’s eyes didn’t sparkle anymore and he was wearing track pants. Finn never wore track pants unless he was at home or something. “Stop smoking!” yelled Jack as he snatched the cigarette and threw it behind him. Finn rolled his eyes and took a sip of the coffee that the waiter had brought for him. “Why do you even care Jack? Just go back to Bristol and carry on having fun without me okay. At least one of us deserves a good time.” Jack let out a hysterical laugh. “If you think I’ve been having fun without you you’re so wrong“said Jack. Finn smiled at his brother and ordered him a coffee. Honestly Finn was glad to know that Jack had been having a rough time too. “We’re really letting university get the best of us aren’t we? questioned Finn as he sipped on some more coffee. Just then Finn’s phone rang.

Kelly: Excuse me sir, I’m going to have to punish you for lack of contact with Jaf and Kelly.

Finn: You interrupted my sob fest with Jack Kelly, but hi there love.

Kelly: What sob fest? You’re in the beautiful city of Leeds for goodness sake!

Finn: Let’s just say it’s been tough; things haven’t exactly gone our way.

*Jaf grabbed the phone from Kelly*

Jaf: Finn! Have you forgotten what university is all about?

Finn: Umm… explain maybe?

Jaf: Put me on loud speaker so Jack can hear me too.

*Finn touched the loud speaker tab on his iphone screen*

Jaf: The two of you went to university to get what you want. As far as I know what you want is to finish your courses and be with the girls you love. So… what are you waiting for?

Finn and Jack liked Jaf’s ability to make life seem like some sort of movie. Finn paid for the coffee and got up from his seat. “Where are you going Finn?” questioned Jack. Finn looked at his twin brother as if he was crazy. “We have to go back to London!”exclaimed Finn. Jack was incredibly confused. He thought that Finn would want to stay in Leeds with Katerina. “You do know Emily is dating Alfie now…” Jack added. He hoped his brother already knew. “We’re not going to London for Emily you twat, we’re going for Liv” replied Finn. Jack couldn’t help but feel extremely happy. He loved it when Finn did spontaneous things like this.

Bristol (Naomi’s room) 17:12

Naomi lay on her bed staring up at the ceiling. All she could think about was the duologue she had to perform with Jack in class the next day. She remembered how happy Liv made him feel. Maybe she wasn’t losing Jack to Liv, but rather letting him be incredibly happy with a wonderful girl. Naomi sprung up from her bed and immediately went over to Jack’s room. She felt that she needed to apologise. As she arrived at his door she noticed a pink sticky note stuck to his door. It was a note to Naomi from Jack:

I knew you’d still come over even though things are awkward between us. It’s like I can read you mind. However I am currently off to London with Finn, but I’m really sorry for everything. But if you want us to show Mrs Portland we’re good actors tomorrow then please practice and I’ll be back tomorrow. Thanks for being the best friend like ever

Love Jack. Xx

Naomi pulled the sticky note off Jack’s door and put in her pocket. She loved it when Jack did things like this. After all her could have just called or texted her.

London (Liv’s Room) 21:13

Liv lay on her bed browsing the internet on her laptop. She’d finally moved towards getting over Jack. Little did she know she didn’t have to get over Jack.

*text to Liv from Jack*

Look out your bedroom window, it’s an extract from the play duologue I’m doing with Naomi.  Jack xx

Liv found it hard to believe that Jack was being serious. She hopped off of her bed and made her way to her window. The most amazing she had ever seen was right on her lawn. Jack had taken the time to spell out a line from the play ‘Distant Lovers’ with candles. It said: I love you like Romeo loved Juliet. The problem is you’ve been away for so long.

These were the same words Liv thought Jack had said to Naomi. She couldn’t help but feel sort of stupid. Liv ran downstairs, out her front door and straight into Jack’s arms. She’d never felt more at home than she felt at that particular moment. His tight embrace is all she’d ever need.

Leeds (Katerina’s Room) 02:07

“It’s 2 o’clock in the morning, what are you doing here?” questioned Katerina as she held her door open.  Finn smiled at her. “Hi I’m Finn, nice to meet you.” Katerina gave him a confused look. Finn let out a small giggle. “Let’s start again” he said as he invited himself inside. Katerina gave him a cheeky smirk. “Hi I’m Katerina, nice to meet you too.”

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